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Hello! My name is Omni and my beautiful daughter's name is Omri. Growing up my mother would constantly tell me that I stayed in my own zone and ironically my daughter is the same way. So, it was only fitting that I would refer to us as  "THE OOZONE". I first started THE OOZONE journey on Youtube - vlogging about Motherhood, and Toddler Life. Then, I created an Instagram and Facebook page as a way to share the learning activities, crafts, and my parenting style with other parents. Now, THE OOZONE has become my passion and creative outlet. 

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"I believe in hands on learning through play and exploration"

~ Omni, Owner

​I'm an Early Learning Educator, Children's Book Author, and the Out-Of-Box Thinking Aficionado behind THE OOZONE. I have been a 2's Lead Teacher, a Pre-K/Transitional Pre-K Lead Teacher. Now, I'm in Administration for Elementary K-4. Working with children of ALL ages is fun and empowering. Being able to see children's development and learning firsthand as they grow, and flourish is so rewarding. 
My mission is help and share simple learning activities, and useful parenting resources to parents. If you're looking for creative ways to learn with your kids than you have come to the right place. 
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