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DIY "Forky" - Toy Story 4 Inspo

Is your kid obsessed with Toy Story 4? If so, this is the perfect craft for you to do with your kids and you only need 5 materials. (Materials listed below)


- Craft Sticks

- Pipe Cleaners

- Play Dough

- Spoon/ Fork/Spork

- Googly Eyes


  1. Collect all your materials.

  2. Break your Craft Stick in half.

  3. Mold some White Play Dough into a ball and stick on top of the Craft Sticks. Then stick the Fork/Spoon/Spork on top of the Play Dough Ball.

  4. Tie a Red Pipe Cleaner around the Fork/Spoon/Spork and then form each end of the Red Pipe Cleaner in the shape of a hand.

  5. Cut a small piece off a Red Pipe Cleaner in the shape of eyebrows. Then glue that onto the Fork/Spoon/Spork.

  6. Then roll some Blue Play Dough into a tiny circle and paste onto the Fork/Spoon/Spork - for the mouth.

  7. Lastly, glue two small Googly Eyes

*** If you want to take Forky to the next level, either you or your child can write their name on the bottom on the sticks :) ***

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