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Name Spaceships

This Name Spaceship Craft is super simple and all you need is construction paper, glue, a sharpie, and something to make stars (I had some ceiling glow in the dark stars left over, but you can use start stickers or simply draw some).


  1. Grab different color construction paper and cut out mini squares, mini triangles, and mini rectangles.

  2. Then use the sharpie and write your child's name on the mini square pieces of construction paper you cut out.

  3. Grab a black piece of construction paper for the background and being gluing the mini shapes onto the paper.

  4. You first glue the mini triangle shapes, then you glue the mini square shapes with your child name on it, then lastly you glue the mini rectangle pieces.

  5. Once your done gluing, you can add the stars.

  6. WALA - now you have made cute "Name Spaceships".

The best part about this craft activity is that they are learning how to spell their name!!!

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